Nissan Primera P11

4 Pack of Mobiletron CN-19 Ignition Coil for Nissan Almera Primera

4 Pack of Mobiletron CN-19 Ignition Coil for Nissan Almera Primera
4 Pack of Mobiletron CN-19 Ignition Coil for Nissan Almera Primera

4 Pack of Mobiletron CN-19 Ignition Coil for Nissan Almera Primera
4 Pack of Mobiletron CN-19 Ignition Coil for Nissan Almera Primera. New and sealed in original packaging. Please message with your vehicles registration number or an OEM number of the part you are replacing to confirm compatibility. At Durosense we supply a wide range of OE quality automative parts and power tools. From trusted brands such as Mobiletron electronic automotive parts, Durofix & ACDelco Power Tools, and our own range of Durosense Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensors. Supplied by manufacturers with decades of auto electrical experience; our TPMS sensors can be relied upon for safety; using tried and tested technology. Durosense brings OE quality TPMS at a fraction of the price.

Our customer service is imperative to us and always at the forefront of our minds. We aim to respond to ALL enquiries within 3 working hours. Batch Code/Manufacture Code (this will be laser etched on the part). Diagnostic report to show the part you have replaced is faulty (picture of your order ID with the diagnostic tool fault code). If not, a credit note will be issued for the amount the customer paid for the warrantable item.

Please bear in mind that we do not accept any labour claims. Monitor the air pressure of a vehicle? S tyres and report this information in real time to the driver. It is designed to alert the driver to check tyre pressure by signalling a low-pressure light.

Some advanced systems can even display individual tyre pressures on the vehicle dashboard. Why does my vehicle need TPMS? TPMS checks were added to the MOT test checklist in January 2015, and it can now be an instant MOT failure if the TPMS warning light stays on to indicate a fault or problem with the TPMS sensors.

Differences between Pre-programmed, Programmable & Cloned Sensors. Pre-programmed sensor is ready to pair with vehicle as the communication protocol has been programmed into sensor. All that is left to do is to pair the sensor to the vehicles ECU by performing the relearn procedure. Programmable/Blank Sensor requires a TPMS diagnostic/programming tool to write the vehicle?

S specific protocol/software into the sensor. S ECU will not detect/recognise a TPMS sensor which has not been programmed. Requires the ID codes from the current TPMS sensors which were paired to the vehicle? S ECU to be copied/cloned to the new programmable/blank sensors.

For this, a compatible programming tool with the cloning function must be used. This would eliminate the process of a? Bear in mind, the correct ID code must be placed in the correct wheel location. WE DO NOT OFFER CLONING SERVICE!

How do I find the sensor ID from the Durosense TPMS sensor? All Durosense Tyre Pressure Sensors ARE NOT labelled with sensor ID codes, as our product is reprogrammable. You will need a TPMS scanner to read the sensor ID code(s). Any characters you see on the sensor body is NOT a sensor ID code. Ways to read or retrieve the sensor ID code. Use a TPMS scanner to read pre-programmed sensors. Use a compatible TPMS programming tool to program programmable/blank sensors.

The ID code(s) will be shown on the tool at the end of programming session. Use a OBDII scanner or reader with a TPMS function to retrieve sensor IDs stored in the vehicle? My tool is not reading the Durosense TPMS Sensors? The tool used has not been updated for more than a month. Keep in mind that all tool manufacturers are constantly updating vehicle data and relearn software periodically, an outdated software can lead to various programming errors and relearn failures.

The Incorrect vehicle make, model and year was selected when trying to trigger or read TPMS sensor(s). It is common for vehicle owners to misidentify their vehicle model or production year, the best way to verify this is by contacting us, using a third party VRM checker/service or by viewing the V5C logbook/ownership document.

There are 2 major radio frequencies used for TPMS sensors to communicate with ethe vehicle? S ECU (electronic control unit), 315 MHz and 433 MHz In the UK & EU, 433MHz is the standard TPMS frequency used, of which Durosense only supplies 433 MHz TPMS sensors. 315MHz TPMS sensors in the UK/EU are prohibited for use. Will my garage fit/install Durosense TPMS sensors? 4 Pack of Mobiletron CE-182 Ignition Coil for Citroën DS3 DS4.

4 Pack of Mobiletron CE-182 Ignition Coil for Peugeot 207 CC 208 308 CC SW. 4 Pack of Mobiletron CE-182 Ignition Coil for Peugeot 3008 5008 RCZ. 4 Pack of Mobiletron CE-186 Ignition Coil for Mercedes C-Class CLK E-Class SLK.

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4 Pack of Mobiletron CN-19 Ignition Coil for Nissan Almera Primera